Access SD card while connected via USB?


Hi folks

When the Wireless Pro is connected to a PC via a USB cable (and the drive can be accessed as a normal USB drive via Windows), is there any way to see & access the contents of an SD card that is plugged into the drive?

In the above usage scenario, I can see the drive plugged into the USB port as a normal USB drive. I can browse the contents of the drive’s main storage drive but I cannot see the SD card at all.

When the drive is connected via WiFi, I can see the SD card via the /storage/SD_Card folder. For some reason, the /storage folder is not visible or not accessible when connected via USB.

Thanks in advance.


Hi infocus13,

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support

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You need to remove the SD card from MPW and insert it into computer’s SD card reader


Hi infocus13,

I’m just wondering if you had any success from Support regarding your attempt to access an SD card from the Wireless Pro through the computer browser while the drive is connected to a computer via USB.

The reason I’m curious is that my User Manual for the drive indicates that this is possible.



Hi, unfortunately I haven’t had any luck :frowning:


I just tried with my unit.

I also can access the SD card on the device via Windows explorer wirelessly; but not when it is plugged into the USB port of the computer

(I am a bit surprised at that result)