Access restriction to Extended Harddrive

Hi there

I recently bought the My Cloud Home and I must say I am impressed. Only issue I am facing where I need your guidance is - I connected a 4 TB portable HDD to My Cloud and when I gave access to other users I found they can create and delete folders in my extended/external drive. This is concerning as I wanted them have only read-only access not Full Access. The My Cloud UI gives me option to change share rights only on MyCloud drive but not on extended drive. No options appear for extended drive. Since rights management is UI based I assume there will be way to control access rights on external drives too? Please guide.

I don’t own one, but, here is a link to more information and you may want to read the User Manual.

Have you checked the Knowledge Base to see if you can find information on this?

Thanks. I did browse through before posting but unable to find any info.
Hope someone can provide a method to secure external drive data.

Do you own a My Cloud or My Cloud Home?

Hi, My cloud

Have you looked at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

Your original post is in the My Cloud Home forum, you may want to post it here.

Yes I did and no security configuration for external drives :frowning: