Access problems with retrieved files

I knew I had to do a full format-and-recovery of my laptop to resolve some OS problems, so I checked out ways to best do a backup and retrieval of my data files.  I came upon WD Smartware, and since I already had a WD Elements Portable HD, this looked like the best method.  Since my HD did not come with the program installed, I downloaded the trial software, and proceeded to backup all my data and media files.  Did not seem to have any problems. 

After I got my laptop finally working properly, I looked to do the retrieval of my data.  Since the program was erased in the laptop, and not stored in the portable drive, I had to once again download the trial software into the laptop.  I did not do another backup, since the computer didn’t have anything loaded to be saved, but instead, went directly to retrieval.  I told it to bring all the data back to their original locations in the computer, and it seemed to work…except I can’t open anything.  Word docs, jpgs, mp3 files, xl files…nothing.  Even though I am still considered the computer’s administrator, I can no longer access any of the files.

What’s the deal?

Have you gotten any information on this yet?