Access privileges

Hi. I recently transferred all my files to the 2 TB MyBookLive (originally, they were all on my laptop, running Windows 7). 

In one of the folders, I have several PPT files. I can open all, except 1 file. When I try and open the file, I get the following error:

WD Example.png

It makes no sense that 1 file is affected and the others are not: They were all transfered at the same time. I have tried to change the permissions. In the Groups / Usernames, I see “Everyone”, “Nobody”, and “Share”. I have no clue where these names came from and Windows 7 tells me I don’t have the authority to make changes. 

As a quality control measure, I copied the file to my desktop. The owner of the file reverted to my laptop name and there were no problems to open the file. 

How do I tell the entire drive to give me full access to the folder and files I created in the first place? 

Thank you,

Using Windows 7 you will not be able to change permissions to a file saved in the My Book Live, however as soon as you transfer a file to a shared folder, it should inherit the permissions of the shared folder specified in the Dashboard, no additional settings are available or required.

As you said it makes no sense that this only occur with one single file.  Try resetting the MBL by holding its reset button for 4 seconds, if this does not fix it you may try a reset to factory defaults, before proceeding make sure your critical data is transferred to another location.