Access mycloud ex2 outside home with SONY BDV E380 homecinema

hi , excuse me for my bad english , i’m french :smiley: : so , i have at home a wd mycloud ex2 with 2x2to disks , it work fine at home with movies , music and photos  , and no problems for connections with 3 PC .

My daughter go in another town on september for studies , and i baught for her a SONY " BDV E380 homecinema " which include a dlna .( this equipment is connect on the net with a " livebox orange " )

So how can i connect the SONY ( in her house ) to access my cloud ex2 ( in my house )  ? i would like that my daughter can read movies , music.

which settings ? wich url line etc …

Thanks for help

DLNA is for local network use only; it does not support remote media streaming.

You might be able to use the remote access provided by the WD Mobile App on some WiFi-connected device (a tablet, for instance), and then ‘beam’ or ‘cast’ to the TV, if it supports these operations. Or, if it has an HDMI output, use the TV as a large screen for the tablet.

ok , thanks for answer , i don’t know that DLNA is for Local Network …:cry:

So any other solution that using tablet with hdmi out ?

Because i have not this kind of equipment ( just an old HP touchpad tablet )

Not without some additional equipment, no.

Does your daughter not have a tablet or a computer with video out that could be connected to the TV?

yes , she had an ASUS T200 , so i tried this we


 so i tried this we …

[waits excitedly for news…]

What is the media server software on your MyCloud?  If it is Twonky, you can stream the content out on the web for your daughter to access.  But it is complicated and requires some skills.

Oh, yes; that reminds me of my usual warning: if you want to be able to stream video from one home to another, you will need a good broadband upload rate at the source end, and a similarly good download rate at the receiving end.

One other possible technical solution is to run BubbleUPnP Server on an Android box on the same local network as the MyCloud, and run BubbleUPnP on a remote Android device. My experiments are described here:

Of course, you’d need two Android devices…