Access My Cloud via ASPX code

I recently bought a WD My Cloud drive. I would like point my website to My Cloud to access images/files from the drive on my site. My site is hosted by a 3rd party vendor and is written in .Net. The site dynamically looks in a Picture folder on the host and displays a list of subfolders found. It allows the user to select a sub folder and then displays all the images in that folder. I would like to create a page on my site to point a specific folder on My Cloud and use the same code to display the folders/images found there. Since my cell phone can access photos remotely on the new drive, I’m hoping there is a IP address or link that allows my site access back to My Cloud (with or without a userid/password). Can anyone help with this?

Officially the My Cloud does not support hosting images for display on remote websites. This issue has been discussed in the past. Using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, a few of past discussions:

Thanks for your response. Is there an “Unofficial” answer to my question?

There may be and it might depend on the firmware version your My Cloud is running.

If you are using the older v4.x firmware My Cloud units then it might be possible to replace the My Cloud firmware with clean Debian and then configure the clean Debian OS to allow for what you seek.

You are trying to use the My Cloud, which is a network attached storage device, in a manor it was never designed to be used.