Access My Cloud from abroad


Going to SA on holiday soon and was planning to back up my photos etc taken whilst there back to My Cloud at home in the UK. Will this work OK or will I need to use something like Dropbox?


Backing up your photos from what? Camera, mobile device, computer?

There are several WD mobile apps for iOS and Android that will backup pictures from the mobile device to the MY Cloud. On a computer, WD Sync can be configured to backup photos to the My Cloud.

See the My Cloud User Manual (, or the My Cloud Dashboard Help, or the My Cloud Learning Center ( or for more information on remote access and how to access/download the software/apps.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m OK backing up files etc from Laptop my only concern was i didn’t know if there would be any issues if the mycloud sat in the UK would reject an ip address from SA trying to access it. I don’t really understand how it all works so there may be no issue i just didn’t want to get there, connect to wifi and think i can just open WD Access like now and start saving files if there was going to be a virtual barrier. That’s why i was thinking if there was i could use Dropbox.

Hoe that makes sense.


To access the My Cloud remotely from your laptop, you can use either the WD My Cloud Desktop program or the web portal. Both allow for uploading/downloading of files to/from the My Cloud.

The WD Sync program will “sync” the contents of folders on your laptop to the My Cloud while your in a remote location. Currently the WD Smartware backup program does not support remote backup.

WD removed the ability to remotely map the My Cloud to one’s computer last year. Unofficially one could use SSH to install the unofficial CloudDAVMod that would allow for remote mapping of a Share.

What does SA stand for, I am from Texas so I immediately think of San Antonio, but you could mean South America or South Africa etc.?

Check this link out for more on the World Wide Web.

Check this link out for more on the internet.

I see you having no problem doing this, because I just did it! Not from SA, but from a network other than my home network. Still the same principle no matter where you are; all you need is a good internet connection at your remote location and to your home, because that is the connection in question. FAST internet both ways is the key.

When I see questions like yours, I just test them out. Here is how I did it. I connected my phone to a hotspot available to me; it happens to be one almost everywhere today. I have Comcast/Xfinity as my ISP, and there are 1000’s of free xfinitywifi hotspots for Comcast customers to use. The one I used happens to be next door at my neighbor’s who also has Comcast, so I just connected to the xfinitywifi signal emanating from his router! (For how this works just google for xfinitywifi)

I then connected to my WD NAS with the My Cloud app on my iPhone, found some photos to upload and add, and the MC app did it! Photos are now on my My Cloud NAS.

Enjoy you trip to Saudi Arabia, or wherever “SA” is.

Thanks all,

i should have been more specific, SA is South Africa.

Sounds promising then it will work, i just want a bit of peace of mind that if i lose/break/have stolen my laptop i have pictures/videos saved back at home.

I’m guessing now it will depend on how quick the internet is over there. I will just have to have a play when we land.