Access MBWEII (White Light) from Anywhere ... using Windows 7

Excitedly I bought a My Book World Edition II (White Light) and got ready to be able to access all my files (mainly pictures) and be able to access them from anywhere (when visiting my family I can show the holiday snaps) and Mionet says that it is not compatible with Windows 7.

Now, clearly the family are relieved that they are spared the slide show of my family snaps - so I suspect that they may be at work on this one !

But seriouslly, how can I access my MBWEII (White Light) remotely using Windows 7.

Thanks in advance,


Mionet btw. is rubbish. You can connect your device from “outside” via FTP. Well with FTP you can’t view pictures etc. directly. You first have to copy them on the others PC. Therfore you have to forward the port 80 from your router to the NAS.

But look at this:

Particular this:


Thanks for this - - - I did think that software like this which is bundled free with a drive may be a bit limited and that there was probably a bit of freeware that was better so I am looking forward to following the links and reading up on this - any other suggestions anyone else???

Is there anything which can let the drive actually act as a shared drive - but over the internet (or is this getting complicated with VPN stuff - that would be over my head :slight_smile: )))

In the above pakage, you can also install VPN on the NAS, so you can connect to your NAS an can than open your shares link in Homenetwork. The installation of the FeaturePack goes very easy, just one line in SSH. After that you can add in the GUI the feature packs.

But the realy best way to connect to your NAS is via FTP from outside. Was it with Mionet possible, to show pictures directly?