Access Issues

Can;t sort this one out myself, so hoping someone here can offer help.

Got myself a MBL, and all seems dandy with it on my PC, its connected to my router, with a cable.  I can also access it remotely from work, albeit slowly.

Problem is, I can’t open files on it.  I have to copy them from the drive to my current machine, in order to edit them.  I then can’t overwrite the original, I also can’t delete the original.  I can copy a document to my local machine, edit it and copy it back, as long as its got a new name.

I am using the public share at the moment, got no idea how to set this thing up to make it secure, so trying to get it working first, then will move on to the next stage.

So anyone any clues to enable me to edit files live on the MBL, delete them, overwrite them etc.



Are you talking only about WD 2go?

This is with accessing the drive remotely using wd2go, and then opening in explorer.  This is from a pc, and not a mobile version.


Are they specific types of files (say, for example, Microsoft Office (which has issues with WebDAV)) or is it ANY type of file, like a simple Text file?

Yep, Office files, txt files and pdf’s work fine.

So is this an issue that can’t be avoided then, as you say there are issues with Office.

At least I know its not something I have done whilst trying to the machine up, anyway around it??



Supposedly it’s only Office 2010 … and the workaround you have is the only one I’m aware of.

I use Office 2007 and don’t have any issues.

Many thanks for that.  Seems a bit poor, but then I guess WD will blame Microsoft, and Microsoft will blame WD, and at the end of the day the end user gets stuffed.

I will continue to use my workaround, although I am not entirely convinced yet, especially as I cant overwrite files using explorer, or delete them remotely, surely Office 2010 is not clever enough to stop me deleting a file in explorer remotely.



Looking around, would this helpm or even can this be done??