Access is denied when creating a folder / Files on CD are read only


I hooked up my 1.,5 TB drive and ran the update, I want to use it as an external drive that I manually move data to.

  • When creating a folder - it says Access is denied
  • When dragging a folder from my computer to the HD - it says files on CD are read-only

I’m using Windows XP.

What do I need to do to be able to coopy files?


Did you check sharing on the external drive? Go into My Computer right click on it and it’s in properties.


Thanks for the reply. Sharing is not turned on. Should I activate? What other settings should I make sure are turn on?


I just noticed I have two drives

  • My Book G:
  • WD Smartware E:

Is G my drive? This is working. How can I be sure before I delete copies from my HD.  I can eject my E. Not sure where it’'s coming from.

Ignore the Smartware  since you want to use this like a plain drive go into device manager an simply disable it. The Smartware is a virtual CD with the software on it.  Allow sharing and see if that fixes it. Remember this never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it.