Access is Denied: Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste


I have just purchased a Passport Essential and plugged in an registered/ installed etc.

I basically use this to store movies/ picutes/ music as I travel alot. It is not a backup device for my hard drive as I do not keep these files on my laptop.

When I try to either copy/ paste or drag/ drop I get:

Cannot create or replace XXXXX: Access is Denied

Make sure the disk is not full orwrite-protected

and that the file is currently no in use.

The unit is brand new, no files.

Please help. Thanks.

Are you trying to drag and drop from Windoze or a Mac?

If I’m remembering correctly, the Mac OS only has read access to NTFS drives – it can’t write to them.

So, if you’re trying to write from a Mac, I believe the drive has to be re-formatted.

No sir. Using a DELL with Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 3.

Went throught the manula last night and can’t see this issue discussed anywhere.

Frustrating as I have never owned a WD before and get this.

My last one was a ‘el cheapo’ and worked perfectly for years…unfortunately it got damaged and had to replace.

Any help is appreciated.

If you go to:

Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Computer Management – Disk Management

What does it have to say about that drive?

Volume                     Layout        Type       File System     Status        Capacity     Free Space                         

My Passport (H:)     Partition     Basic     NTFS                 Healthy     148.39        145.83

Does this help?

I appreciate your help.

Yep… that’s the right place to be.

In the list at the bottom, underneath that, does it say that drive is “Online” or “Offline”?

It should say online, but it’s offline, then you need to right-click at the left where it says “Offline” and put the drive online.

If, on the other hand it says the drive already is Online, I think the solution to your problems is to change the formatting of the disk.

If you go to the list at the bottom again, and right-click over at the right-hand side where the coloured bar is and select “Delete Volume”, and then “Yes” at the “Are you sure” warning, you should then be able to right-click on the now Unallocated disk and select “Convert To MBR Volume” if it will let you.  Then right-click on the coloured bar again and select “New Simple Volume” to re-format your MBR drive.

I think that should get XP accessing the disk properly.

If it won’t let you “Convert to MBR” because it already was, you should still be able to delete the volume and then create a new simple volume, without that conversion step.  I’m hoping that would be enough to get you back in business.



Thanks for all the help.

I have a similar problem only that the device is not new and empty. I accidently moved one folder into the folder 54ec02fabd921df01740ef666e and now the folder that was moved cannot be moved, renamed, copied etc. It says “acces denied”. What can I do to get the folder out and to make it active again?

I am having the same problem with a Mac OS. I am trying to copy all of my music files to an external hard drive but none of the files are able to paste. How can I reformat the hard drive so it works on both Mac and Windows OS?

How is the drive formatted now? Check this post.  and  You want the G3 untility