Access EX2100 via Fritzbox from Remote / Cyberduck WinExplorer

Dear comunity,

I am trying to access my EX2100 drive from remote without using the web-app or mycloud app. My router is a Fritzbox 7362 SL. I can access the drive and map it in file explorer as long as I am in the same network. Now i figured out after setting up my router, that I can access the dashboard from remote via the fritzbox adress using in the browser. Port forwarding is allowed for HTTP, SSH, etc.

This way I do not need to use a static DNS Provider as Fritz allows the same. I can also access the Fritz Box Dashboard flawlessly from outside.

Can someone explain to me step by step how I can access remotely with cyberduck or the windows file explorer my drive? I enabled WebDav in the cloud dashboard and SSH but when I try to use the fritz-box adress (above) the connection is refused or I get errors.

The best would be to have a mapped network drive i can access from file explorer when I am outside my network.
I have the “DirectNetDrive” software, too

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You still need a means to access through the internet to your network, then to the device. Windows doesn’t provide that by just mapping a drive inside the network through Windows Explorer.

Unless you have a static WAN address, port forwarding wouldn’t really work (or last) anyway. You could use something like NO-IP.INFO to cover the possibility of your WAN IP changing, and then port forward to the device. But do you want your device open to the internet?

This sounds sensible, thanks! I didn’t know windows doesn’t provide such a thing. The other way could be Cyberduck or some other Program to access either via FTPS or SSH.

Yeah, Cyberduck should work. But I don’t think the EX2100 does SFTP. Also, you still have the issue with WAN access to the drive.

That means I have to use FTP protocol and allow ftp within the dashboard of the cloud drive as only alternative?