Access directly by ip?

I want to access directly by internal IP to the WD My cloud home
BUt in the webbrowser i only see:
{“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”} doesn’t found device

And in newwork of windows on expand show ‘the network path was not found’

The ip directly on explorer show 'unspecific error"

My led color is green in WD cloud home (1Gb LAN)

How i can do it? Its very slow to upload files over internet, i and want to do it local. i want this:

I try with WD Discovery and its very slow (See attach)


You could refer to the following link:

  1. Ensure movie or video content is not streaming
    No is not
  2. Ensure that Social Media and Cloud Import services are not downloading content
    What? MOre details please
  3. Ensure USB Backups are not occurring
    No is not
  4. Ensure TimeMachine, Windows File or 3rd party software is not performing backups
    No is not. Antivirus disabled too
  5. Ensure Desktop Sync is not transfering content
    No is not
  6. Ensure the computer hosting the desktop app is connected to 5 GHz WiFi or hard wired to the same router as the My Cloud Home using an Ethernet cable
    Is local network, green led
  7. Ensure the My Cloud Home is not indexing and generating thumbnails for recently added conent
    What? MOre details please
  8. Ensure the computer and router are Gigabit 10/100/1000 and not Fast Ethernet 10/100
    YEs it is
  9. For more information regarding causes of slow data transfer speeds, please refer to Answer ID 18626 Common Causes and Solutions for Slow Network Data Transfer Speeds

  • Computer does not have a Gigabit Ethernet adapter
  • Network or Switch does not support Gigabit and only supports 10/100 Base-T
    I don’t have switch. ROuter support Gigabyte
  • Wi-Fi local network overhead, 2.4 GHz band, radio interference, line of sight between devices and distance
    Local NAT
  • A network hub is being used instead of a switch
    NO hub
  • Network traffic in the form of backups, media streaming, etc…
    What? More details please
  • Data protection software, Anti-Virus, Malware Protect affecting data transfer speeds
  • Large multi-terabyte data set
    What? More details please
  • Deeply nested directory structures or a directory structure containing millions of tiny files
    NO is one 3Gb file the sample o attached
  • My Cloud, DLNA and iTunes media server trans-coding and indexing content while data is simultaneously being written to the drive
    itunes? I have windows