Access different volumes

I purchased a myBookLive two months ago to use as a back up device for the four computers in my house. I am using it as a network drive. I installed WD Smartware on the computers and ran back-ups. I’ve read through a number of posts on this site and I’m glad I’m not the only one who has an issue with WDFME.exe. I usually end the process soon after booting up.

I am currently using the file method to back up on all 4 computers (I appreciate the option.) I am trying to figure out how to access different volumes. From what I’ve read on the boards, there should be a “select a volume” section somewhere in the retrieve tab.

 Currently, when I access the retrieve tab, I’m only given the option of retrieving the files that the computer I’m using backed up. I’d like to figure out how to access different volumes, the idea being that if I lose/sell/break a computer, I’d like to restore the data to a new computer.

On another post the idea was floated to manually get the data off the drive, but I don’t know how to manually access it. I only know how to access the public stuff.

The other volumes are there, I can see them from the device web control page.

Here’s a screen shot. Where do I access a different volume?


OS’s of computers backed up: 1 Windows 7, 1 Windows Vista, 2 Windows XP.


Hardware: My Book Live v 01.05.07

Screen shot

Edit: Solution found. A friend helped me after I searched for a couple hours. The solution was simple enough, but very counter-intuitive.

What was happening was when I clicked the ‘retrieve’ tab, it defaulted to the ‘restore everything OR restore from selected file’ page. I had to hit back (even though this was the first page I had seen) to see the different volumes.

This is exactly what I was about to tell you, if you are looking at the section to select the files then the option to select the volume was already skipped and you’d have to hit “back”. On the MBL you can manually access the Smartware files by browsing the hidden \mybooklive\smartware share.