Access deteriorates on a monthly cycle

Anybody out there have this problem:

I have the 4T MyCloud only about 18% full, running firmware 04.04.02-105 with a 1T USB-3 WD MyPassport for weekly backups.

Ever since upgrading to My Cloud OS 3 in December the device works fine after a reboot (actually better under OS 3 than before) and then gradually access becomes increasingly unreliable on all my devices until finally, after about a month, it locks up solid. The light is blue, but it is dead quiet, and completely unaccessible. Normally when disconnected from the network the light transitions from blue to flashing white, but not when locked up. The only cure is a power cycle, which brings it up and then the process slowly starts all over again. Before the OS 3 upgrade it was up solid for most of 2015.

To me this suggests a stack or array overflow condition, but WD won’t hear of it. Instead they give inane suggestions like moving the drive off my gigabit switch to a router port because it can’t accommodate the propagation delays (a Network Attached Storage that can’t handle a network. The mind boggles!), didn’t make a difference. Or, since the problem is associated with new software they offered to exchange it for new hardware (Dilbert can’t make this up). Tried that the last time the firmware gave me access problems. Didn’t work then, no reason to believe it will now.

They claim nobody else has this problem, so I’m appealing to the community to see if this is so. Meanwhile, I’m resigned to rebooting it monthly until the firmware is fixed.

For those interested in having the My Cloud reboot (using CRON) automatically on a schedule, see the following thread: