Access Denied

Got a new My Book Live and all is going well… except I have a bunck of files that were not backed up? Access Denied? I’m sure it’s a folder option or?

All the files are in My Documents but even after a backup some folders are not in the backup?

What do I have to do to allow access to get all files and folders?

Went through all files and folders and can’t find a reason for Access Denied in files that failed to back up?

Three days now of doing backups and most of my files and some folders are not in backup?

Switch to File Backup, let it run for 8 hours, slower then death and still don’t have half my files and folders?

How can I fix this? This is not at all a relible backup? Can you over ride whatever the software is deciding to do toi get a full backup?

Tried as a File Backup to public folder, still takes forever and only get half my files?

Is there a fix?

Are you admin on the machine and especially the folders you’re not getting?

Yes, only one user, me I’m Admin. Same for WD My Book…

Files not backed up is a real mystery, but when I look at the folders in My Book Live they are ALL empty, some are missing?

Thanks for the help, I thought this forum was going to have actual Tech Support. I guess I’ll have to call or go through WD My Book software for tech support.

At this point it’s SO SLOW I’d be better off returning it and getting something else that may work faster and more accurate…

Wasted another day on this super slow worthless backup hard drive… in the end of a long slow backup to public folders I get the same thing!


What good does half of data do for backup?

After waiting half a day to do it?

Let my computer run without sleep for 12 hours a day, for three days now, just turn it off at night. Up to 10.65GB backed up and 6.27 of files not backed up because access denied?

Still missing many folders besides files that are listed as not backed up?

What’s the logic in this being a back up?

Still never reached a complete backup after days…

5 more hours and got a few more files in backup and many more in files not backed up, not enough to change GB total…

Did get 35,000 files backed up.

But 65,000 files are not included? And no they are not on the excluded files. SOme of the file extensions are .jpg, .pdf and as a matter of checking manual all should be included?

Email tech support has same support as this forum! NOne! Still waiting!

Stuck with owning this as store will not refund!

Anyone get this to work right? ALl I read is issue after SLOW issue…

Hello? Anyone at WD?

I had the same problem.  Here is what I learned:

Uninstall Smartware

Unmap the My Book drive

Make sure you have the following:

Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X

Java 7 Update 17

Microsoft .NET Framwork 4 Client Profile

If not, install/update as necessary

Remap to the My Book Drive

Reinstall Smartware

I hope this helps.

WD did see this and sent apoloigies, also asked for my phone number. Tech support guy was amazing. Had nothing to do with my setup, he installed a different software WD Anywhere and no more issues!

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