Access Denied when going to http://IP ADDRESS/connect

Just purchased a DX4000 and trying to get it setup for use. Following the instructions, when I go to http://ipaddressofunit/connect, it get Access Denied 403 Forbidden error. Any ideas on this?

Try the access using Internet Exolorer.  If  you still cannot connect try looking at this:

I am using Internet Explorer. I reviewed the link provided but it is not helping. This unit is fresh out of the box and I cannot get the thing configured at all.

I have boxed the unit up and am shipping it back. I should not have the amount of trouble setting up this product that I have had. Oh well.

If you just turned it on, ip/connect is wrong.  You just do IP and it will prompt yopu to run setup.  *after* you have run setup is when you do slash connect

I tried what you are talking about already.

Anywa, I just got the new unit in and it is working perfectly straight out of the box. I must have had a bad unit to begin with.

This is happening to me also. Even after a factory re-install. It was working initially but then it all went wrong after my boss told me to install windows server 2008 standard to get around the 25 connection limit issue with storage server.

I’ve managed to get around the failed to connect problem by running a virtual machine and then finally i was able to connect

Hope this helps anyone else out there


All you have done is confuse me :)  You installed server standard on a different box so you could have more users?   Other servers on the network should not cause a problem unless you named them the same?

What is in the virtual machine?  IHow did that fix /connect?