Access denied to Passport after PC went into sleep mode

I started using the WD Smartware to take the files from my old Windows 7 PC that were backed up to the Passport drive to ‘retrieve’ them on my new Windows 7 PC.
I walked away from the PC during the process and returned to find that the factory default power option of putting the PC to sleep had gone into effect. The retrieve process had quit so I went back in to Smartware to try to retrieve some of the rest of the file folders, but they showed up as deleted files and couldn’t be transferred to the new PC. I then tried going into the WD SmartWare.swstor file with the intent of dragging the file folders onto the new PC. It will only let me get to a sub folder before blocking me out with Access denied to the WD Smartware.swstor folder. The drive is not password protected. Whether Smartware is open or not, the Access denied error comes up on the new PC. Besides the PC going into sleep mode, somewhere between the time I started retrieving files and when I got the accessed denied message, the WD Smartware indicated there was a software update available and I opted to take the update. Any suggestions to fixing this are already appreciated!


I recommend you contact support directly for this.

Contact WD