"Access denied" to 2 MyBook boxes on Windows 10

Hello everybody,
I have 2 MyBook external USB drives (1 TB each) that I have been using for the last 5 years on my Windows 7 PC without a single problem.
Now, I had to change my (old) PC to a newer one that’s running on Win 10.
The new PC (HP Probook 450 G5) recognises the 2 MyBook boxes but gives an annoying “Access denied” message as soon as it tries to open their root directories.
I am able to access the Properties --> Security tab of both drives but I cannot change anything in there.
Nor the authorizations, nor the owners of the disks.
I am the administrator of the PC and I also tried to do it from the command prompt (run as admin), but without success.
Could it be a USB 3.0 issue ?
I checked every security parameter on Win 10 but nothing appeared to be wrong.
Any ideas or advices ?
Thanks in advance,
Cristiano Radicchi

Hi radix55,

I have seen this problem several times. There is a Knowledge Base answer for it, but I don’t have the reference. You could search the Knowledge Base. If might be under a different drive type.

If you find it, please post.


Hi Cliff,
thanks for your reply.
Actually I did some more tests and discovered that if I connect the USB ports to my Win10 notebook prior to turning it on, it’s possible that the 2 MyBooks are correctly loaded.
Unfortunately, this behavior is erratic. In fact, sometimes after the bootstrap I can access both disks, sometimes only one and not always the same one.
Pretty bizarre (if not weird).
I’ll keep you updated.

Best regards,


Try this (found on Microsoft community answers) and see if it works:

Go to file explorer C:\Users and right click on your username
Then select properties
Then select Security
Then select Advanced
Then click enable Inheritance
It will take a minute to alter all the changes
Once it finishes it seemed to fix my problem