Access denied.Help to format & reuse my passport


I Have a WD My Passport Essential 720GB  external Drive. It worked fine , but now suddenly when I  plug it in it, I cannot open the partitions in the window. I went to the  computer>manage>storage>disk management , there it shown OK.if I click it and try to explore the contents it says : “access denied”.I even tried to format it but it also denies.

Now I just want to format it but it rejects to format my harddisk.I tried every possible way.

Please could any body help me to format my harddisk so that i can use it.

You can use Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to erase the partition.

After that you can attempt to reformat the drive.

Go to: and d/l their freeware partition manager. This will allow you to look at the partition and see if it is locked, etc. I think format is an option if I remember right.