Access Denied error for folder containing media. Folder now shows 0 sub folders AND 0kb

So, I know that it’s possible it was somehow corrupted.  I did have to remove the drive and the **bleep** power button on the back of the “My Book” didn’t respond at all.  Once my new rig was set up, I went to upload media to back it up and there’s nothing in the folder at all, I can’t access it, and the lights on the front of the WD Mybook are out.  Strange, I can place new media into the drive, but the one folder / sub folders I need says access denied.

I ran chkdsk on it and after 10hrs nothing its fine.

windows XP os.

So is there any way I can restore that data?  Or atleast get a solid answer if it’s gone or good?

Right click on the folder and Select “Properties” then go to the “security tab”, Click “advanced” and then select the “Owner” tab

you should see a list of users in the lower pane called “Change Owner To”, Select your username and tick the box “replace owner on subcontainers and objects” and click OK or apply, accept the warnings.

this process should replace your permissions on the folder, sometimes you can lose permissions if they have been set on another machine and your current Pc doesn’t recognise them, happens on USB sometimes.

hope this is the problem you are having, but by the sounds of it it is.

It sounds like someting is corrupt like partition info. These drives with Smartware only work if the smartware is installed. You might try something like this and see if it helps


Once I got it home and hooked up it was fine.  Just only works on my one pc.