Access denied deleteing files and folders


There are 310 folders and 3457 files on my WD My Book World edition thast I can not delete.
These files and folders are part of the “C:” drive from a Vista computer that was discontinued.
I put them on the WD My Book temporarily as a backup. Now I want to delete them.
The My Book external drive is connected to a router and is accessible to three computers on the local network.
What I have tried without success:

Change owner via File explorer Properties > Security tab > advanced > owner
The current owner is:
Linux User, (EXTERNALDRIVE\everyone)
It failed with access denied.

Change the owner with Takeown /F Y:* /R
Failed with can’t find the path even though I mapped the path to Y: with explorer.
\EXTERNALDRIVE\Vista_C_Drive\OS\Documents and Settings

Rmdir \S “\EXTERNALDRIVE\Vista_C_Drive\OS\Documents and Settings”
From a CMD prompt in safe mode. The above is one of the folders.
Fail with access denied.

Recent files put on the Externaldrive from the current Win 10 computer have the owner:
nobody (Unix User\nobody)
as opposed to :
Linux User, (EXTERNALDRIVE\everyone)

If I could get the owner changed to nobody on the bad files I think I could delete them.

I am looking for a way to delete these files and folders, any help will be appreciated.

Would connecting the My Book directly to the computer rather than to the local network help?


Frank C

SSH to the unit and remove the files from there. If you need help on how to enable SSH on your Book World, do a search. Also to download Putty so you can SSH to your Book World.

When I logon to the WD External drive and go to :
Advanced > Users > Folder & Share Permissions > Click Edit Next TO Vista_C_Drive - I See This RED X on NFS
Ticking Enable and Submit does NOT change it.
Is this at the root of my problem?
I don’t have any idea what SSH and Putty are. I will try to learn