Access denied app problem

Hi first time post as I’m a wd newbi, I’ve recently purchased a mybooklive 2tb for slide showing pictures, I installed wdmycloud app but it doesn’t allow slide show :frowning: so after a quick google i installed fileexplorer app, all works fine on wifi but when I’m outside of wifi it says ‘access denied’ I’ve opened all ports needed and mbl says open ports enabled so it has to be the mbl blocking access, yes? Help appreciated

I think you want the WD Photos app, yes?

Thanks for reply, I have the WD photos app but I don’t think you can view slideshow can you?

Sure. Just select the starting photo, and then tap the movie screen icon in the upper right.

ive just realised my wd app is wd cloud not wd photos, ive now downloaded wd photos but

it says no photos found, ive tried the rebuild but no luck. my other apps, filesharer and file explorer alow me to view slideshow while connected to wifi but as soon as i leave the house it says connection refused, so frustrating,

Have you set up and configured Cloud Access on your NAS?

yes it says ports are enabled and i can access my files on the wd cloud app, just nothing on the wd photos

Are the photos in the correct folder?

They need to be in \Public\Shared Pictures

Right I’ve had a quick google regarding your reply, when I see the set up pictures my mbl is not the same, my mbl is just a blank canvass which I have added my own folders too, can I just add a folder /public/shared photos or do I need to completely start again, factory restore :o(

The Public share is a built-in share that cannot be deleted or changed.   Are you saying your MBL doesn’t have the Public share?