Access data from RAID5 discs on another device

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to access the data from the four drives I had in my EX4 setup as RAID5? My device suffered lightening damage during a storm and the network ports have gone down. It is covered by my insurance but looks like they will just give me a cheque for the value. In all honesty I’m not happy with the EX4 performance so would likely buy another brand - but only if I can get access to my data. Thinking I could plug them in to a PC with a RAID controller set up on it but don’t want to corrupt any of the data.


as the ex4 runs a linux under the hood, it will sure be possible to mount the volume under another machine running linux. Only thing you need to know is how to mount raid volumes, i guess there are many howtos flying around the net. :wink: