Access away from home

Having recently bought a 3TB single drive, I am having problems with access away from home.

I can access it at home via the 192.168… etc.
I have the Apps on iPhone & ipad.
These allow me to access all my files when I’m not at home.

I Cant access the files from my Laptop when connected to another network (eg personal hotspot from my phone for example)

I have a Sky SR102 Router connected to standard (non fibre) broadband.

I am NOT able to use Google dns (sky has router locked down).

I have UPnP switched ON

Drive is not connected when I try, but I know its ok as at the same time I can access from my phone.


Have you set everything up in the Dashboard? Have you given your Laptop access and does it show connected?


Have you tried ?

I can’t access “”.
I get the message as below.

I thought it might be a permission issue, as only phone and iPad are listed, but I can’t access the files from my phone either.

Will have a look Tuesday after my current block of work.