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I have WD mycloudPR2100. It is connected to linux stations using NFS protocol. At the same time it is connected with Widdows stations using windows network services. There is one shared space where some resources were uploaded using linux NFS. It is available in read/write mode from that machine. Another user which uses windows machine can access these resources but one folder is in read only mode. In the NAS configuration both users (linux and windows) have got read/write rights granted to that resource.

How can I fix the issue?
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This sounds like Windows Samba not being able to understand the attributes of Linux file permissions.
The only way to address this is by changing the permissions on the NAS file system via chown command.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Your advice is to login to the system by ssh and change the attributes manually? Is this operation in kine with warranty? What is the user and password of the root?


Setting - General - Network
Activate ssh and enable password
Then from windows (the ip is mine obviously, but the login is always sshd not root)
ssh -l sshd

I’m sure there’s no problem with the warranty there

Done and solved. THX a lot. One more question. Is it a bug or a feature?