Accesing backup files on Mybook Live

Okay…I am confused! Bought Mybook Live 2TB Network drive. Ran WDSmartware to backup my primary computer. Selling feature of Mybook Live was sharing of files over network with my laptop(s) , and streaming files to other devices, WDTV etc.

Just found out I CAN"T see any of my backed up files as the WD Smartware puts them in a “hidden” file…So I can’t access them from my computer, laptop or other devices. Only accessible using “retrieve” function…

Support tells me I have to drag items from my computer to a “public” folder on the network drive to make files accessible over the network…but thats not what the promotional material about the drive said!

There has to be a way to make existing backup files PUBLIC…WD Online support notes says you can use Windows 7 backup to make accessible backup files…NOPE…need Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, not Premium…

WD HAS to provide software to make backup files PUBLIC on a network…Otherwise my backup drive DOES NOT work as advertised!

I read all the information in the WD site about this drive, it do not say that you can share your BACKUP data over the network, and honestly, if I do a backup of my data, why should I mess with this data, it is a backup, in case that the original one have any inconvenience.

In order to share data over the network, you need to put the files in the public folder or any other share that you create.

Regarding the issue with Windows 7 Backup, this  is a Windows situation, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate are the only ones that allow you to backup to a NAS.

Furthermore, you can find this information in the user manual:

Page 42.

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