Acces WD MyCloud from other wifi network in Finder (MAC)

When i’m home i can acces my WD Mycloud in Finder (Mac).

But when i’m in an other wifi network i can’t acces my NAS in finder. I

s there a way i can acces it in finder like i’m home ? So without using the app for mac.

It would be much much easier when I can approach my WD my cloud in Finder.




Schermafbeelding 2014-08-28 om 13.51.15.png

If the computer is not on the same network as the NAS, regardless of the connection type (wifi or wired), the finder won’t discover the NAS on the network.

When you are remote, you have to use the to map the shares to finder. This provides the convenience of having something similar to what you have on the same local network, but it is in fact a different way of accessing the files. It is pretty good to upload, download, but not to interact with files directly from apps.

Setting up shares is not super easy because of java configuration issues, in particular on Mac. This is doable though and we can help you.


Thanks for the answer. Is there any kind of tutorial how I can do this ? Or can you explain in steps how to do it ? 

Sorry i’m a noob in NAS/JAVA configuration only the basic stuff is familiar.