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I’d post a message to WD and they recommended to post the same problem here…

My pro is: I use a MyCloudMirror 6TB with friends and my (adult) children. That’s okay. The problem is that I wanna have more control about the “public” folder. In the actual situation everyone can write delete or read everything. But I and only I are hosting this drive. Therefore I’m responsible  for the contents. Especially here in Europe.So I’ld like to have the decision about the files to share. What means that I can configure the public folder as an read-only folder. I as the admin have to decide what is to be stored in the public folder. To solve this problem has only an legal background.

Norrlandmannen wrote:

So I’ld like to have the decision about the files to share. 

The public folder permissions can’t be changed without manual configuration of the O/S.

Simplest solution is to not use the Public share.   

The above answer is correct, but may lack some information.

Your best solution is to create private shares, groups and users to make the data accessible to those that need access, but to precvent data destruction from those that may do damage.

  1. Open your dashboard (the web based interface) and log in.

  2. Click on Users and create a username and password for each person you wish to have access to the Mirror (for example: Bob, Cindy, Dana, Terry and Xander).

  3. Click on the Groups tab in the User screen and create group names that make sense for your situation (Ex: Family, Friends, BestFriends, Employees, etc.) As you create the groups, you can select which users are in each group. You can add/renove users froma group later by selecting the group name and clicking on “Group Members   X user(s) configure >>”

  4. Go to the Shares page and create shares. Your share names can follow a pattern (ex: Unclassified, Secret, TopSecret, EyesOnly) or something more adhoc (ex: Pictures, Kids, Software, etc.)

  5. Once you have the Shares created, you can assign group or user access from the Users or Groups tabs on the User screen.

Note that groups are not necessary, but should make life a little easier wnen assigning access to shares.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any other information.