Acces à distance impossible

Bonjour,J’arrive plus à acceder à mon disc mycloud à distance il y’a toujours un message
“Impossible de se connecter à WD” Merci pour votre assistance.

Try turning cloud access off, and back on again.

Make sure you have the correct port forwarding rules set up on your router.

Je vous remercie pour votre reponse ,mais j’arrive pas à visualiser le disc WD sur le bureau de mon MAC mais le WD est en marche et le led bleu clignote.
Best Regards

Let’s try again.

Is your MyCloud connected to a router?
Is your Mac connected to the same router?
If so, how is your Mac connected to your router? Wired Ethernet? Wifi?
If your Mac is connected via WiFi, is it a ‘guest’ WiFi access point, which prevents visibility of devices on the LAN to WiFi clients, only allowing Internet access?

Can you access your router’s control panel, and find the IP address the router has assigned to the MyCloud? If so, enter that IP address in a web browser window, and see if you can access the Dashboard.

Are you trying to access your device via your local network, or remotely?
If you are trying to access remotely, have you enabled Cloud Access via the Dashboard? Have you set up suitable port forwarding rules on your router?

ps. This is a user forum. We are not WD employees. Nice people are helping you out of the goodness of their heart. Help them to help you: