AC3 in TS-Files (Transport Streams) played in PCM 2.0, why?


I have a problem with my new WD TV Live Player. The optical-out ist connected to my A/V-Receiver. I can play DVD-ISO’s with AC3 and DTS-Tracks well.

But, I have problems with TS-Files from my digital SAT-Receiver. This TS-Files may contain  audio  tracks in AC3 5.1 format. But at the beginning (some seconds) , the audio format is AC3 2.0 (may be from commmercials, or so).

The player decodes AC3 2.0 to PCM 2.0 and does not detect the swichtting to AC3 5.1 an continues decodes AC3 to PCM 2.0 (the sound is ugly).

Why  it  does not output always AC3-track in bitstream mode (in this mode, there is no reason to detect changes) ?

Why it does not detect the switch to AC3 5.1 ?

Why is AC3 2.0 converted to PCM 2.0 in “digital” output mode ?

Other MM-Players working well on that.

Sorry, about  my  bad english. Hope you can understand that…



My m2ts files Dolby Digital 2 channel is also through the amplifier PCM!

I have the same problem with .ts files as well. Please try to address this issue, the work around is time consuming and this device was purchased to save time. I can provide small files >1GB that will exhibit the behavior if WD tech needs them for troubleshooting.

No fix in 1.02.21 …

The same situation is true of .dvr-ms files (digital television recordings made with Windows Media Center). The video is perfect, but when there is DD5.1 audio, I only get stereo audio.

I wrote about this issue a good while back on the “ideas” section. Seems that all of these formats need to be configured to pass-through the AC3 tracks over the Toslink cable.

–Philly Tim

AAC/AC3 Audio Codected files has sync issue…No fixed

It is still with PCM Version 1:02:21