AC1300 MyNet Router Firmware

I do not see any messages regarding problems with the AC1300 MyNet router posted to this Board. I received mine nearly 2 weeks ago and am suffering the same sort of issues that have been noted for the N900 (dropping connections, etc) using the latest firmware for the AC1300 which is 3 months old, dated Nov 2012.

Does anyone else have problems with the AC1300?

Is there a new firmware due, like the recent N900?

It’s my understanding that the AC1300 box is very similar to the N900, although obviously built to take advantage of the new AC speed. The new firmware for the N900 appears to have helped a lot with issues experienced by users so I’m hoping for a similar result for the AC1300.

Thanks for any feedback anyone can give me.

We’re expecting to release a new firmware within the next couple of weeks.  There can be some stability issues if you have parental controls enabled - if it’s possible to disable until the next release, I’d highly recommend it.

If parental control is not enabled, please send me a private message with the details of the issues you’re seeing.


The new firmware is here now!!!

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