AC1300 External Drive

I have an AC1300 upgraded to the latest firmware that is working as a router just fine. Problem is any USB drive I connect to the router runs like an old floppy drive - somewhere between snail speed and turtle speed. I’ve tried a My Book 1Tb external, a 32 Gb thumb drive and now I’ve got a 160 Gb external drive connected. All behave the same way.

In looking at these drives, the router puts a root subdirectory on them called “.nflc_data” that contains two other subdirectories one of which contains thumbnails of .jpg files and another one, named “jpeg_sm” that contains, well…, small .jpg copies of all the picture files on the external drive. It seems both subdirectories contain about the same information, and when attempting access with Windows Explorer the drive spends a lot of time grinding away as if it’s indexing something.

As I’m writing this I’m attempting to copy a 20 Gb file across from the router external to the internal drive of this computer. The copy dialog shows a speed of 2.25 Kb per second - that’s Kilobytes (or is is bits)! The file failed once already with an error message that the drive is not accessable and I’ve restarted it. I expect sometime tomorrow the file copy will be complete.

Is this normal behavior for this router, or does anyone have any suggestions for tweaks to make this thing work?

This is a known issue in the latest firmware and should be fixed soon

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Good to know - thanks for the info. I’ll be watching for the announcement of the new firmware, or can I just download it through the router dashboard?

Keep checking the news and announcements section (Top right) and when a firmware is released it should be posted there. At the moment all firmware upgrades are done through the router dashboard. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next firmware release.

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Problem solved. I went back to the original factory firmware while I await the next version update.