Ac adaptor for mybookstudio pc or mac

Good morning,
I want to buy and extra AC adaptor for MYBOOKSTUDIO.
In the accessories section I have found the item WDPS040RNN (18 watt adattatore di alimentazione), but reading the various compatible disks I don’t find the S/N of my hard disk that is WDBH.
I think that it should be compatible, but I want to be sure.

Giancarlo Panella

Without the exact model number of your unit it won’t be easy to tell.

The “WDBH” code sounds like the beginning of the model/product number, but the entire code is needed in order to fully identify the unit.

I have just written the first letter of my unit because in the compatible list they only indicates the first letters, anyway the complete data of my hard disk are as follows:
MyBookStudio for Mac
S/N [Deleted]
I have also another question.
As soon as I received the unit (last week) I have registered the unit in the WD site, but then looking at the status instead of the expiring date of the garanty it is reported OUT OF GARANTY.

Giancarlo Panella