Abysmal Dropbox Integration in WD Backup

Hello there. I tried to reach WD’s support over this issue, but didn’t get any response yet. So I thought I’d give it a try here:
For me backing up to Dropbox worked for years without any issues via WD Smartware, but with WD Backup it isn’t possible. (There have no changes been made to the setup of the PC.)
After letting the backup run for one night not even 1% of it has finished (rougly 14GB, no big files but many, many small).
Switching the PC off, logging off or just a loss of internet connection (in Germany you are usually disconnected once every 24h) will stop the Backup. And from there it won’t be taken on again by WD Backup, but is started anew.
Now, a test-backup of 100MB took nearly two hours to finish. The complete Backup will therefore never get finished without any interference.
This renders the dropbox backup feature completey unusable for me.
WD Smartware at least just took up the backup from where it stopped, but WD Backup doesn’t do that.

Installing WD Smartware again of cause isn’t an option as well, as the Dropbox Backup feature has been deleted from it - which is a joke really as people PAID for that feature.

Any help will be highly appreaciated.
(I run Windows 10 x64 on an i7-6820HQ with 16GB RAM, 230GB free harddrive space. Downloadspeed is at 22Mbps, Upload at 4.8Mbsp and the Ping is 12ms. Dropbox is a Plus Account with nearly 1TB free space.)

Thank you very much!

It’s more than a month and the problem’s still there.
No answers from the WD support as well, to whome I send an email.
Poor service and poor performance.

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