Abysmal backup speed

I just tried to do my first backup of my computer’s HDD. However, I had to stop it after 4 DAYS, since it only backed up 500 Gb of the 700 Gb needed. Both my computer and the WDMBL drive are connected to the same 1Gb switch, my NIC is a 1 Gb card, connected at 1 Gb.
I have also tried to back up my WDMBL 2Tb to my other WDMBL 3Tb, also connected to the same switch, both on 1 Gb, and it took over 24 hours to back up a little over 400 Gb.
Is there anything I can do to speed this up? Both my drives have the latest firmwares installed.

Regular copying through Windows 7 64bit is fine, video streaming to my TV is fine.
Thank you for your help.

I think the SafePoint process runs at a lower priority. This sort fo back-up is not really a problem if the target device is another NAS.  The first back-up of my own MyBookLive took about 4 days non-stop, but I do agree that it should take less than that when there is a full Gigabit link between both devices.

I think it’s using RSYNC…  or soemthing very much like it.

RSYNC is very CPU intensive when it calculates the checksums of files to see if they’ve been modified. 

So it’s really not a network limitation, it’s CPU-bound.