Absolutely shocked that WD cant reccomend someone to make a small repair on their HD's

My wife plugged in the wrong power supply to 1.5TB Elements drive so probably blue the 12v diode…

All I want is to get the diode replaced.  WD won’t do it and they can’t reccomend someone.

SHOCKING service.

I understand not doing it themselve but why not partner with a technician that they have trained someplace…that way I know the person doing the work has the right parts and knows what they are doing.

It’s flat out poor service and support by WD.


I am sorry to know that you drive got damaged. As you have stated, Western Digital does not repair or recommend repair services for our drives. Any repair services performed on a WD drive will void the warranty. If your drive is under warranty you may still get it replaced.

Please see  Answer ID 8: How can I replace a product under warranty?

Yeah, thats my point exactly…you have left your customers high and dry with no way to get the product properly repaired by trained professionals.  I have read on line and this is a common accident…you should have a solution for your customers.  

It’s not like you can just go pick up another one  or get a warrant yexchange and use it…its the DATA on the specific drive people are after.  

Luckly 95 percent of my stuff is backed up…but my wife was just getting it set up to back up the newest 5% when the accident occured,  

Last WD drve ever!  oh yeah…and have you guys ever heard of a fuse…they cost pennies.

If it’s still under warranty then you may have a recourse, as the WD person pointed out. If it’s not under warranty any more, I think the easiest and cheapest option for you would be to crack open the case, get the drive out and put it in a cheap USB external case or a dock. You should then be able to get everything out of the drive. Because if you are out of warranty you don’t have much to lose at this point.