Absolutely Broken NAS - Hello WD?

I have had EX4 for a couple of days and have run into most of the issues on this forum already.  Is this NAS for real?  Internal Sever Errors,  unresponsive UI or lockup, unable to copy files using mapped drives or using “backup functionality” on the NAS, maxed out CPU, extremely pathetic performance, etc.   How are users getting any benefit out of this thing in its current state???  I can not even get my files transferred to it.  I don’t need any other functionality at this point.  I bought it to a part of my backup solution, but something is obviously broken.  Is WD working to resolve these issues?  I don’t see a recent firmware update for it, and users are complaining that it has been a while since the last one.  Furthermore, it seems that WD may be unaware of all of these issues or just unable to respond in a timely manner.  They quickly take your money but don’t deliver the goods.  Not what I expected from WD.

I have updated to the latest firmware.  Has someone been able to document a concise and detailed list of steps to disable processes, make mods to the NAS, etc. which makes this thing at least function as a bare bones NAS that will hold data, not corrupt it, run the desired RAID, and do nothing more?  I have looked around the forum and have seen suggestions on what I might try such as disabling processes via crontab, etc., but when I start looking into it, the steps do not  line up with what I see on my NAS (e.g. references to file paths that do not exist).   I have already done what WD has suggested to turn off all services via the UI as a work around, but I am still encountering so many issues.  I would think if everything was disabled on the NAS except for basic functionality, at least I could start using it.  

WD Why do you not respond ? 
And How is it possible that your product is full of errors?
Within what time frame are you planning to speak at your customers that for months now experiencing problems?

within what time can we expect a frimware ?  

Unfortunately, this is a community forum and to get official response, you would have to open up a support case with WD support.

WD staff monitors the forums and have indicated that a updated firmware is in the works, but no actual timeframe yet. We all have been waiting.

Only way to get something official would be via the support channel.

I think it was a mistake to buy WD MyCloudEX4.

It does look like a long time to get the new firmware to resolve many of the issues with it that have been raised in this forum.

Let’s just hope that all these issues are fixable via a firmware update, and the hardware itself is suficiently powered and capable.

I tried copying 42 GB of data from a USB drive to the EX4 via backup option on the NAS.  It copied 40 GB at a reasonable speed but seemed to just stop at that point.  I went to bed so I don’t know how long it continued to try to copy the rest of the data, but when I got up the next day, the job status was cancel and no data was copied.

I thought that maybe 40 GB was some sort of limit, so I tried 39GB since the NAS had apparently been able to copy 40 GB before the job seemed to just hang and stop and then eventually cancel.  So when I tried to limit the transfer to 39 GB, again the transfer went well for approximately 37 GB and then stopped.  The status was cancel and no data was copied to the NAS.

I just can not get data onto this thing.  What is the upper limit on transferring data?  It always seems to be 2 GB less than what I am trying to copy.  Very frustrating.   Almost every attempt to transfer data to this thing fails.  WTH?  

There is no “limit” that you are looking for.  You should be able to copy any amount of data to the unit.  If you have done some reading here, you will see this “type of issue” is plagueing us all to a certain degree.

Some have resolved with a reformat of the drives.  Some have resolved with a factory reset.

Have you tried either?

Can you provide som addtitional data:

What drives do you have the EX4 populated with?  (and were they new or used/existing)

What speeds were you achieving for the backup?

USB 2 or 3 and which port on the EX4?

What type of files are the 42GB you are copying?  (jpg, avi, mp3, xls, etc.)

Additionally, did you try copy-paste from Windows explorer into the Ex4 share folder (after connecting your USB drive to your computer)?

If you did, did that succeed or aborted with some error message after running for a while?

Personally, I never had success moving data using the ackup option of Ex4. I gave up on it a while ago.

I also encountered the same problem, I have upgraded to the latest firmware. When I transfer data from my passport to EX4, the unit didn’t respond in the half way for many times .

I called the support engineer , and didn’t got any helpful advices.

I think the EX4 is not a mature NAS, I have made hard reboot (unplug the power cord)  many times, I am very worried about my data on the EX4.

If you are attempting to use the backup/ftp feature of the unit for your data needs, don’t.

Use some other ways to copy your data around till there is a updated firmware avaialble that may fix (hopefully) this and many other problems documented here in these forums.