About wireless usb adapter

Sorry about my simply  and maybe stupid question: i bought a wd live for Christmas, so i didn’t try it yet, and i also bought a d-link DWA-140 wireless usb adapter. Confirm me please if the only think to do is to connect the pen to the usb port? Do i need to install the usb adapter drivers somewhere or that’s enough plug’n’play it?

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 The  DWA-140 V1.30 is on the list of approved adaptors so therefore you just plug it in and set up your wireless on the appropriate screen. There is no need for any drivers on the WDTV.


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I also use DWA-140 V1.30 for my WDTV Live.
When I plugged it in directly to the USB post, wireless streaming of 1080p movies was limited (random jumps).
When I use the extention cable that came with the DWA-140, putting it about 30~40 cm from the streamer, everything goes! Even BluRay movies from my NAS located in other room.
The Bandwidth for BluRay movies is about 20MBps so 802.11g network is more than enough. no N networks are requires as many would say.


i think about to buy the WD TV Live Box.

I have also the DWA-140. But i bought this Stick 1 Year ago. On the Back there stands “V1.00”.

On the List of supported USB Wireless Adapter stands DWA-140 “V1.30”

My Question is, can it work anyway? Or can i upgrade the Version of the Wireless Adapter to 1.30?

Or is it upward compatible?


It may not work, you should consider buying a new DWA-140 v1.3 if it doesn’t.

Just a thought – it *might* be possible to upgrade the firmware on that adapter.  Plug it into your PC, connect to the internet and the adapter maker’s site, and see (can’t hurt to try).

yes it is upgradable with the 1.3 drivers


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