About wd10ears and partitioning


I just bought this huge drive (WD Caviar Green 1.0TB ~932GB), bragged about it at my office and one of admins said, that this drive, if I want to use more than one op-system, should be managed with specific manner. He said, that there is some manufacturer software, that deals with cluster size and that there should be some space before disk start left, for some specific usage.

My intention is to use this as system disk, with 5 partitions:

  1. SystemXP 40GB (WindowsXP)
  2. SystemUX 20GB (UNIX)
  3. Swap (for UNIX) 4GB
  4. Data1 200GB
  5. Data2 660GB

Is there any special software/actions, that should be used, as my admin stated?



Since the disk uses “advanced format technology” he is probably referring to your formatting it with 4kb sectors.  Probably done easiest in Linux, but search Google.  I’m sure there are plenty of How To’s available.