About the MSI old board 770T-C45, does it support WD20EARS?

Please be generous to my english, i try my best…

i am just an ordinary user, i can only assemble computer bascally
recently i am interested to buy motherboard like 770T-C45
i am interested to buy 770T-C45 (for keep my old AM2 4800 CPU , DDR2 1G * 2)
i intend to buy WD20EARS as my first 2TB hard disk
i just wonder does 770T-C45 support WD20EARS?

i have seen the official document HD Test, 770T-C45 can support WD20EADS (early ones)

WD20EARS is newer than WD20EADS, like advanced format etc…
(i haven’t buy one)

Sorry… i’m just not very sure/familiar about this

i read some article before, to know/familiar about this

Advanced Format
greater than 2.19 TB capacity (WD20EARS is under 2.19 TB, should be ok)

Under Windows XP (Now, i have 2 WD1001FALS, the other one is windows 7)
about WD20EARS

i will(always) create a 30 GB as my OS/Boot partition, the rest is my storage space
so there is 2 prtitions,i have to run WD Align FIRST, Only ONCE

i guess i should can use Paragon Partition Manager 10 to do some later change… (if i need)

this is just my thought

Thanks for the Suggestion/Help !


My best advise is to contact the board manufacturer to make sure if the drive is supported, also WD recommends that option.