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Does anyone know why the GDrive USB desktop model get so hot?

I purchased this very nice looking external HD for my vast photo collection and to back up my MacBPro on Time Machine. It worked very nicely for three years; I had almost used up the 4T. Then…suddenly, a few days ago, it stopped being recognized by my Mac. My state of panic was quite extreme. I had photos from 2007 backed up in there, plus myriads of bytes in documents, movies, slideshows, etc. It had been my go-to space saver.
After googling and asking around, I did different things: reboot, Disk Utilities, check cables and connections, etc. nothing…nada. I had to spring for tech advice which was costly and installed a piece of software that was able to scan the 4T…took like a day and a half to do that. Lost quite a bit of data in the process. Now I need another space tank to put what I’ve recovered into.For the price I paid for this unit, I was hoping this baby was going to be the last one…but not to be. I did quite a bit of research and was considering other brands but I am a WD fan and have been for a long time…not sure what to do. I’m back at square one again since I can’t return it and it’s out of warranty. Wish I could get my money back. :frowning:

Update 7/19/2018

I did notice that this particular unit had some pretty consistent bad reviews on Amazon, which I had not noticed before. Perhaps it just fails after a few years. It also runs pretty hot and LOUD…like it’s going to take flight or something.
Frustrated in that after contacting GT they tell me cant replace because the warranty is up. Too bad their policies are not like LLBean who always say that they don’t want a customer to have something from them that they don’t absolutely love…
Strongly considering changing brands for my sensitive data.
Disappointed in Alaska :confused:
Silvia B


I have a 1 TB G-Tech backup drive that I bought in January 2015. I use it to back up my MAC every Friday night. Last night it would not mount. It just sat there and the indicator light continued too flash for 30 + minutes without the MAC recognizing its existence. Looks like I will have to replace the drive.