About NTSC/PAL on composite

First of all, hi everyone, I’m new here, and also a new user of wd tv live hub. 

Nice device, works fine but I have a little problem.

So I’ve connected the device to my big tv via HDMI, works fine, 1080p, etc.

Then I realised that I could maybe use it on my old tv in my bedroom via composite. (remote works via mobile app, nice!)

So when I connect it works fine, but!

But when “the big tv” is on, the device sends ONLY NTSC color signal, so on my old TV i have black and white image. When I try to select PAL nothing happens since it says the HDMI is connected. When I disconnect HDMI, works fine.

So my question is: Is it possible to somehow make the device send PAL via composite when its connected to HDMI?

If not, maybe in some next updates?

Thanks in advance

While powered on, press the reset button for > 10 seconds.  It will toggle the hardware PAL/NTSC setting.   I’m not sure, but I think it will also clear all your configuration (but will NOT affect data on the drive.)

well did that, and nothing happened. 

(power on, reset pressed more than 10 sec)

really nothing, like i havent done anything. repeated it twice, still nothing.

what am I doing wrong?

Disconnect HDMI, connect via composite, select PAL output in menu. Connect to other TV via HDMI. The use of HDMI should make no difference to the composite output.

If that does not work then try a reset to factory defaults.

You are pressing the reset for 10 seconds with the player fully booted up?

So here is the solution, nothing else works, I’ve accidentally found the solution.

  1. Plug in power source without HDMI while Composite is on PAL

  2. Turn off via remote (or button on the device)

  3. While its off plug in HDMI

  4. Turn on via remote

Step two is important, because if you plug in HDMI while its on, it will go back to NTSC.

If you unplug it from the socket or lose power in any other way, to regain PAL on Composite and HDMI at the same time you must to the checklist again. Turning it off via remote or button on device doesn’t mess with the setting, only power does.