About my1TB mybook!, urgent

is about my mybook HD which i bought 2 yearsago
 my hd is having a clicking sound which they normally call the click of death but a little bit strange is my clicking sound is not very serious like they posted in youtube which their hd clicking can click 2 sound per second but my case is about 1.5 sec click once and sometimes longer,

i tested changing my adapter and also the USB cable but it still the same
i want to claim the warranty which is still under warranty
here the question, will the WD company help me to recover data inside?

i wish to able to recover the data inside.

if i find a outside data recovery service which cost me alot until i can buy another 3-4 1tb my passport HD 

You have to pay for the data recovery yourself and it’s expensive. WD can provide you with a vendor that won’t void warranty.


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