About My Passport (500gb) I admit i'm a newbie =)

Hi there !

Well, i just received my first portable HDD, My Passport 500 gb from WD

It’s working right now, just fine. 

But my question is, is it normal to hear a little noise when agitating it really gently?

I know HDD have moving parts, but I just want to know if my drive is fine

Thanks =)

You shouldn’t be moving the drive when it is in use. You could easily damage it. There is very little clearance between the platters and heads.


Of course i did this when not in use

I just want to know if that little noise i hear when i move it is fine


It’s a rattling noice i hear when shaking it. Of course i do this gently and when not in use.

The drive runs just fine but i want to know if that kind of behaviour is likely to shorten my drive’s life