About firmware 1.01.17?

My WD HD live box is telling me about a new firmware ready to download… version 1.01.17… anyone how have try it… and is it safe… dont like to be the first to try it… this is my box nr. 2 the first one bricked my box… cant find anything on this firmware update on WD homepage… please help…

yeah just installed it and mine works fine, it appears the interface is a bit faster, not sure what else is new though!



What it does is it shows all the files and youtube previews etc but does not play anything… instead the blue spinning wheel on black screen just keeps spinning ad infinitum…

Doing a factory reset seems to have fixed it though. For now :womansurprised:

There is a preview file format in videos so you can preview the file, but the large thumbnails are gone and its back to list view if you enable ‘preview’