About file/network operations

I have owned my TV live box about half’n year and during that time I have to reset my windows network 1-4 times every single day/time when I’m using TV live.

I have major problems with passwords ja recognition files in networks via TV Live. I have reset box, I have tryed every tips what I have found in internet to fix this, TV Live has lates firmware, so on…

Also TV Live miss some basic functions of file system, for example sorting ja search.

Is there coming any updates for file/network functions ?

I’m very disapointed this product. It cost way more than competitions, and still it doesn’t handle simple fileing functions in windows network…

kepa73 wrote:

Is there coming any updates for file/network functions ?

No – The Live HD and Live Plus are no longer supported products.

The Live Hub (Released in 2010),  3rd Gen WD TV Live SMP (released in 2011),  and new WD TV all have sorting and searching functions…

kepa73 wrote:

I’m very disapointed this product. It cost way more than competitions

When it was new, it was cost competitve.   It’s fairly expensive now probably because it’s no longer made, and thus hard to find.

My TV Live is “WD TV Live Gen 3 Full HD 1080p”, it should be latest, same as:


You posted in the Legacy products section.

And your link is the Gen 4 WD TV, not the Gen 3 WD TV Live…

So, all of what you’re asking is already available.  Have you not noticed the SEARCH button on your remote?

Sorry, this came wrong section - I can post same thing to right section if this topic is unpossible to transfer to the right section…or maybe it doest matter, I’m very close to throw this TV Live box to carbage can - it is useless to me.

Yes, there is search button, button itself does not mean that TV Live is enable to search file directories - it can’t. Search works fine in services and maybe also in media library mode…if it can get to work. But the quiestion/thing was that TV Live can not search or sort files files in local network, for example sort files accourding file dates on the networks drive - or can it?

The main problem is the handling windows network connection. I dont know why, but this TV Live lost time after time connections to my local windows network and then all reset and boot hassle starts (no networks, invalid passwords, etc.).

Any help to this network problem? …anyone? I have reboot my network today 5 times just becourse this TV Live box.

Could be a master browser issue, check  this out.