Able to upload/download files, unable to change anything on the dashboard

Hello, and thank you in advance for any feedback and support.

I am able to connect to my device to upload/download any files that I need to. My boss now wants me to create separate Shares for him and his kids and their personal data. Any time I log into the dashboard and try to edit anything, the update graphic shows up and simply freezes there. Nothing happens. I have checked in settings and the remote access setting is set to “off” and is grayed out. Any reason I would be unable to change this setting? Is there any reason I shouldn’t be able to edit any settings?

As far as I understand the device is connected to the office’s network - I am able to upload/download from any computer but not change settings!

Well this seems slightly ridiculous but I decided to try power cycling the device, which I probably should have before. It’s working fine now. Oops!

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