Able to swap disks like on an USB HDD docking station?


I need a NAS which is able to handle disk replacements (internal, not over a USB port) just like a USB HDD docking station.

I’ll create a share for each HDD (each HDD gets his own JBOD) and I want to access them over LAN.
The idea is to use this NAS as a second backup device. The HDDs should be rotated/swapped every week, so the worst case scenario would be a data lost of a week (or less if I change the disks more frequently). Files will be synced with rsync and time machine - so it’s a fast incremental backup.

But I really don’t want to create the shares (or what ever) again after a swap… It must work like an HDD docking station, while the host is able to mount each device.

It’s okay if I have to create a own share for each HDD. But the device should recognize the inserted HDD and should make the share available.

Would this work with the DLx100 or what ever NAS from WD?


My opinion is no, it will not do that seamlessley

I think so too. Do u know what will happen if I remove a disk for that time?
Mean… 2 disks… 2 bays…

Disk 1 in the bay 1, bay 2 is blank.
After a week I’ll put the disk 2 in bay 2 and remove disk 1.
And so on…!

Can I work with that seamlessly?

Guess I need to play with it.
Perhaps 2 disc as a mirror with auto rebuild and you could swap one for offsite. Would take 3 discs and they would all be the same contents except for the one offsite

But I don’t think it can be as simple/automated as you desire

RAID shouldn’t be used for this - takes too much time because it rebuilds the complete disk every time.

Does the WD device allows all linux commands or is it restriced? Running Debian? rsync/mount would be totally enough to handle my idea.

I thought you were looking for something from the GUI
AFAIK, you can do whatever if you enable SSH, but I am not a Linux dude.

I have a DL4100 with two 4TB disks in a mirror RAID. Multiple computers are backing up to a network share via IP address. My client wants to switch out drives off-site once a week in case of complete site loss.

I have just enabled “Auto-Rebuild” from the Storage > RAID Profile screen. My plan is to leave a disk in slot 1 and switch out two other disks every week in slot 2.

Will this not work? Won’t the mirror rebuild work in the background? From the comments in this page it looks like this is not recommended. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!