Able to access private shares with passwords on WD2Go & WD2Go App!

Hey Experts,

I have recently purchased My Book Live 2TB for our office. Everything works fine, and Iam really satisfied with this product. Thumbs up to WD :stuck_out_tongue:  I have updated the firmware to the latest version to enable WD2go.

FYI, there are 2  share folders for two computers connected to the network in which the access is without password. Now that, I have created a user selecting all the shares and the admin with full access and locked it with a password assuming that I can access other 2 shares but other computers cannot access my private share folder. However, this technique worked on Windows 7 and it asks for the password to enter. But the WD2go and iphone app doesnot ask for the username/password to enter. It directly open the private share folder. And others are able to access private shares with passwords on WD2Go & WD2Go App!!

That’s correct.

When you set up Mobile Access on the MBL, you told it which user to use.

If that user can access the shares, then WD2Go is going to allow access to them, too.

Thanks for you reply Tony. However I cannot find a solution to fix it. Anyway to restrict others accessing my private share both on WD2Go & WD2Go App?

The only way is to change the user that you define for WD2Go to a user that does not have access to those shares.